The St. Dunstan’s Vestry


The vestry is made up of 12 members serving three -year terms, with four members being elected each year at the annual meeting. A candidate for the vestry must be a communicant at least 18 years old and a pledger or contributor of record. The vestry has the authority to fill an unexpired term in the event of the resignation or death of a member.

Contributors to the Management of the Vestry

The rector appoints the senior warden, and the members of the vestry appoint the junior warden. The treasurer is not required to be a member of the vestry, and in that case attends vestry meetings but does not vote.  The vestry appoints special committees to make recommendations about important issues and emerging matters. Standing committees are Nominating, Building & Grounds, Finance, and Stewardship.  With the exception of the Nominating Committee, committees may include parishioners who are not vestry members.

The Vestry clerk and Montessori school director are ad hoc, non-voting members of the Vestry.

St. Dunstan’s vestry meets monthly.

Vestry members strive to remind themselves and each other that they are doing the work of God. Every effort is made to reach decisions through consensus after open and candid discussion in a respectful environment.  Members are supportive of one another.

St. Dunstan’s Vestry, left to right:
Katy Linforth, Michelle Wilsdon, Norman Parris, Michael Carter, Anne Proctor, Steve Andrews, Sheila Hiebert, Jack Enbom, Beth Heston, Betty Kasson, Mystery Chastain.
Not pictured: Michael Cervi.

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