The St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church and Montessori School Campus

St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church and Montessori School occupy three acres on Robinson Canyon Road, just off Carmel Valley Road, the thoroughfare that runs east through Carmel Valley from California Highway 1.  In this compact space is a thriving faith community that started small and kept building.

The Sanctuary and our Dobson Tracker Organ, Opus 94

Our sanctuary building has modern lines but a traditional sensibility.  With a capacity of 164, the church can accommodate worship services, funerals, weddings, and concerts comfortably (though Christmas and Easter services typically require placement of extra seating).  The visual drama inside is projected by Opus 94, the Dobson Tracker Organ whose case and gleaming pipes soar to the ceiling. When the organ was installed in 2015, the floor and pews also were refinished.

Brock Hall Offices, Kitchen, Meeting and Social Spaces

Attached to the church is Brock Hall, which includes the parish offices, kitchen, and meeting and social spaces.  The kitchen is scheduled for renovation in early 2020 to improve utility and ADA compliance and upgrade food preparation and storage equipment.

Spiritual Grounds and Other Buildings

Columbarium and Meditation Garden

Outdoors behind the church sanctuary is St. Dunstan’s columbarium and meditation garden, a shaded, peaceful space for visitors.

Our Labyrinth

The newest addition to St. Dunstan’s physical plant is the labyrinth, installed outside of Brock Hall in 2019 under the guidance of master labyrinth designer Lars Howlett.  The labyrinth came into being when parishioners and the school staff expressed increasing interest in walking the labyrinth as a spiritual practice. It is open to the parish and the community at large from sunrise to sunset.

Montessori School and Carlyle Hall

Across the parking lot from the church is St. Dunstan’s Montessori School and Carlyle Hall.  The school has classrooms on two levels and an enclosed play area. Carlyle Hall is a versatile space utilized by both the school and parish, able to be used for instruction, worship services, dining, and meetings. Both Brock Hall and Carlyle Hall are also used by the local community for meetings and special events.

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