Our Humble Mission Church Beginnings

St. Dunstan’s originated as a mission church.  Like so many congregations with humble beginnings, its members met in borrowed community facilities, sitting on folding metal chairs in the company of a buzzing Coke machine.  It was 1955.

The fledgling church was named for St. Dunstan, so honored because Dunstan was an illuminator, musician and silversmith-jewelry maker, and Carmel Valley is noted as a center for the arts.

St. Dunstan’s Became an Episcopal Parish in 1969

St. Dunstan’s remained a mission church for the next 14 years, when it became self-sufficient. The exciting prospect of building a church for St. Dunstan’s became a reality when construction began in 1962.  The church building was dedicated in 1964. St. Dunstan’s was officially designated an Episcopal parish in 1969, and its then-vicar became its first rector.

St. Dunstan’s Today

In the years since, the campus has expanded to include multi-purpose spaces, offices, a kitchen, a school and playground, a columbarium, and a labyrinth. The crown jewel of the sanctuary was set with the 2015 installation of Opus 94, a magnificent pipe organ designed especially for St. Dunstan’s.

Our Diocese

St. Dunstan’s is older than the diocese to which it belongs. The Diocese of El Camino Real was part of the Diocese of California until its founding in 1980. It is named after the Spanish colonial road that ran from Mexico City to Oregon. The Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real is as vibrant and diverse as the region it serves. From Silicon Valley to the beach cities of San Luis Obispo County, the diocese spans 42 congregations across five counties: Santa Clara, San Benito, Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Luis Obispo. (Learn more at realepiscopal.org)

Pastoral Leadership

St. Dunstan’s has benefited from the pastoral leadership of vicars, deacons, and rectors. Today, we are searching for – and praying for — the priest who will become our sixth rector.

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